Intriguing Guardian Artical-David Cameron leave his 8 year old daughter in a Pub!

 Hello lovelies :)

Now upon reading the Guardian’s article headline, concern consumed me with the words of which stand out the most for me “Cameron leaves daughter in pub”  so many things go though your mind at this, and you think of the worst possible. However  I find it impossible for anyone let alone a prime minister whom is a parent would just forget about his daughters were about. Fair enough his daughter wandered off without a word warning, but hey,  when I was her age I did the same thing and I had flipping search parties come find me but like any functional thinking (normal family parent) would be focused on his surroundings as a child’s safety should ALWAYS be thought of, especially in public places like the pub. No matter how relaxed and chilled the atmosphere is you still have to that fear in the back of your mind, “where’s my child?” and always CHECK! If your son/daughter is still with you! I know if I was a parent my child’s safety will be all I worry about. Not everyone in the pubs are friendly  and you can never really trust goers by. But I can’t just put the blame all on Cameron, because his wife is as much to blame..her carelessness and lack of alarm astounds me! I mean as a Mother she must have had the thought process of “I haven’t seen our daughter for a few minutes David, maybe she’s gone off somewhere..I’ll go look” WHERE in the hell was any thought process? going though her brain? this whole ‘oh look see, we’re a normal family out having lunch’ trying too hard to fit in with the rest of us is beginning to really irritate me, because we know it’s forced, we know it doesn’t look natural and we know they aren’t a normal family either!

THEN it seems like Cameron and his wife leave without  the thought of looking for their daughter, that  is what any parent would do before leaving any building.. but not Cameron oh no not Cameron as he’s the family guy. Suddenly the thought strikes them where is their child? and they kind of go through the Pitter-patter “I thought she was with you”  “but didn’t you have her with you?” Then the epiphany thought strikes *both look each other, fear in their eyes as they both figured it out* “THE PUB!” so they rush back to the pub they left her in and found out she was still there safe with staff. I mean when you think of it, how bad is that? your child having to come back to the table her family was sitting at to find they had left without her and the thought that they didn’t think to look for her must be emotionally scaring for the child! I mean I have an 8-year-old younger cousin, Leila, she is a bright girl and If I was with her their would be NO WAY of having her out of my sight! because my uncle would murder me otherwise! but I don’t understand how anyone can not constantly worry about where their child is.  If Leila had been gone for a while as she would have wondered off, I’d notice and I would go searching for her.

David Cameron really needs to go back and read up about being a parent despite being the prime minster does not dismiss the fact that he is shit at being a parent. Child safety is EVERYTHING! bloody nitwit! Someone toss him some parent guides on parents guide for dummies” ” How to assure your children’s safety”


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