Batman; The Dark Knight Rises/Catwoman/Robin..? :D

Hello People’s :) I am going to be reviewing the new Batman film, and how I found the film to be. Now, I am already a lover of the Batman and have seen the earlier films and they where outstanding, but I like how in this one they have introduced Catwoman into the film as well and potentially Robin..?

THOUGHTS ON THE FILM: I absolutely loved the entire film, the action, the fighting moments, all the epic quotes I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like the batman films.  The story line was good, really gives you the feeling of what’s happened since the last film. Obviously Bruce has been out of action for a while,  and crimes and the new evil is coming and he wants to get back into it, but his old friend doesn’t want him to go back to being Batman. Though Bruce is stubborn and doesn’t listen to the guy and ends up putting his suit on again. One scene made me feel so sorry Bruce and the older guy who had to leave :/ I actually like the old guy in this, I can see why him and Bruce are so close. And to see that friendship fall apart in that moment was horrible. Loved the how they concentrated on the other  characters as well because they have some importance to the film! And I love how they had loads of action in it too! :)

THOUGHTS ON THE CHARACTERS:  The evil Villain was this gigantic muscular bold guy called Bane! Bane had this weird breathing black mask thingy which was attached to his mouth which I can only guess helped him to breathe and talk as his voice sounded very robotic like you was talking into a fan, but more scarier. Bane did indeed manage to scare me I must say, because of how big he is and how mean and strong he is, it’s the different kind of strong to Batman. I Didn’t like him!

I was surprised that Anne Hathaway was playing Catwoman. After seeing the film with her role as Catwoman I actually congratulate her, because she acted pretty good in this and made it quite believable, Though I do think that she should have played the ‘Mysteriousness’ side to Catwoman a little more and being more mysterious and having a playful attitude be more present as I don’t think she did those things enough. During her scenes though, it makes a girl like me think ” Wow..she can do that…? I am SO gonna start doing that!” because of how bad-ass she was and how good she looked while doing it (the fight action). Then there was many other times watching her and thinking and kidding to myself “Pfft I can do that, doesn’t look to hard” because you know, I am like the best Female Ninja …like.. ever! ;P (joking Lol). And I admired her lipstick colour! I think it was a ruby colour. (Guys if you are baffled with what I am talking about, I mean the type of shade of Lipstick she was wearing).

Oh and what about the sneaky Russian woman..?! I already made my mind up about her when she first appeared and I thought she looked and sounded odd/strange/little clingy to Batman. Now I know why! Not because Christian Bale is sexy as hell as Batman and ignoring the fact that he has an AMAZING body that I am quite sure it  silenced the Female audience every time the screen cut to him and his chest *Melts at memory* :’) Though we all know now she is a erratic crazy woman, who wants revenge and nearly got away with it…she fooled me though because at one point I thought she was on our side! :( but NOPE Crazybitchsaywhat?? that’s what my thought was when she stabbed Bruce and was being a bitch! :@ she used him for sex too…even though EVERY WOMAN in the cinema watching that moment wished it was them!  :P Oh my gosh and the old cop guy who had that letter of truth. He was awesome! I liked him.. he needed a hug! THEN there was the other awesome cop who was so much better than the rest and I never knew his name till at the very end! that he was called Robin! OMFG…this means..HE IS ROBIN BATMAN’S PSYCHIC! :O  so that cliffhanger makes me think that their might be a film about Robin coming out maybe! :D Why not? Catwoman had her own film, so it’s now Robins turn.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Amazing! Just absolutely amazing! no other words to really say how good it was!

Anyways I will have to leave you now, Enjoy this blog :)



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