What is Beauty to you?

Hello everyone, the reason for this post is because I was thinking to some length about the word beauty.. and what it means to me, and then questioning; What is beauty? They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what is beauty to you? ;D 

To me beauty, like love can take many forms of which I believe to be either; Physical beauty, Inner beauty, Beautiful outlook, Beautiful treasure-ing. With Physical beauty, is basically someone’s physical facial features such as eyes, lips, etc. People can be beautiful with these features, either naturally or (not) and many things can enhance our beauty. Inner beauty, to me, is when someone is kind, generous, and giving from the inside showing who they are as a person and beauty shines through. Beautiful outlook is when somebody has a wonderful sense of the world and a great attitude to life making beauty shine through! :) And then beautiful treasure is when someone/somebody sees’s the beauty of places, objects, other people and appreciates it, captures it in art forms.

Thank you for reading,




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