Guilt Trip Television Adverts & Charities.

Hello, everyone :)

Like the title reads above, I am going to be sharing my opinion on Guilt trip Television Adverts and also Charities!

To me, I understand the concept of children suffering, starving, and dying in Africa. It’s a terrible thing and I really wish that it wasn’t like that, but what I do not get are those television adverts that charities do. “Please, can you donate £2 to help save this dying child” They are basically guilt-tripping you into giving them your money, with the lovely thought of you helping those out there in Africa … It’s like they are saying it will be our fault that one child will die because we didn’t donate. And even if we don’t donate it doesn’t mean we don’t care about them.

But I raise these questions, Do these charities who ask us for money, really help those in Africa? Do they with our money buy enough food and water to help children? There doesn’t seem to be anything about what they do with the money to help..they forget to mention it, and in all honestly, I think they should explain what happens and what they do as a charity to help those people. How do we know what happens to our money once we give it away? we’d all want to know where our food comes from, and what happens to it, don’t we? so it’s the same with this issue.

Though, another thing I have a problem with is fund-raisers who walk around in public, with a clipboards or bucket and bother you with talking to you about their charity. And to me, personally, I don’t want to be stopped and asked if I could give them money for their charity. If I wanted to donate then I will find them, and I will donate with my free will… they aren’t forcing people, I know that but it’s them getting in your face (not literally)with it all. If you want to make a difference in the world, go and do it yourself..go to them and help them (people who are suffering).

But then, there are richer parts of Africa and rich people in Africa who have a lot of money, yet I don’t see why they cannot help their own Country! It’s ridiculous!

Anyway, that’s it for today, write you soon. 



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