Technology/Online Obsessed Generation…

Hello everyone!

I’ve been away from blogging for quite a while. I’ve been quite busy.  I have an opinion to share with you. Hopefully I am not alone in thinking any of this…

As this title reads, yes society and our current generation seem to be obsessed with being Online or using the latest technology (phones/Ipads etc). It has come to the point where it takes up most of people’s day-to-day lives. Nobody can go anywhere with anybody without either taking a photo or checking in on their whereabouts. Unfortunately, I am part of all these too, but perhaps not nearly as much as many out there I imagine.
I feel that checking Facebook, Instagram, or any other social networking site has become a huge addiction. Maybe not in a way of drug addiction, but possibly just as bad in certain aspects. While the positive and usefulness of having an online account is no secret to being the greatest form of communication if not everybody’s favorite form of communication. Emails are crucial for businesses and jobs that are out there in the world and it’s probably something I find rather handy and much preferred. But as much as communication has spread to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, with anything there are definite downsides. Specially when people can hack into other people’s accounts and invade one’s privacy. It’s all too easily done now that there are programmes available to help people hack into accounts, emails, and phones as we have seen from most celebrities having photo’s of themselves leaked after being hacked.

Media is a massive form of advertisement for technology and social networking sites, I mean how else are they going to sell their products/merch? As much as I love Facebook and instagram, I despise advertisements on them. I kind of miss the days when technology didn’t take over everything we did, that we could be out with our friends/family and not be on our mobiles checking Facebook. Imagine if in the future we would go backwards, and once again go back to a generation where technology didn’t take over and we valued everything else in life more than being worried what photo of us we’ve been tagged in. It would definitely be weird but it would be the biggest déjà vu of all time. I kind of wish we still had that element to our lives as clearly seen, we can’t seem to balance the two together.

Either one has to be sacrificed for the other. It’s concerning that more and more children are forgetting what is important in life, (not to offend anyone, it’s merely an observation) children seem to have become superficial and materialistic at a rapid rate. More and more of them are living on technology that they maybe couldn’t live without. (Not trying to have a generalizing view) but it really does seem to become this way. I see most of my little cousins today get so excited at birthdays and at christmas when they see they’ve got the latest phone/game any other item they can use online, and frown upon receiving something minimal as socks/clothing. For example; I attended my cousin Ethan’s birthday. He is what you’d call a modern-day little boy, who’s into his racing cars and playing around in the dirt. Though, he’s also of this generation with technology, so when he was given a t-shirt for his birthday from my mother.. his reaction literally was in disgust and positive disregard for the item. He wasn’t interested in the slightest that he had gotten a t-shirt, however, his face lit up when he saw a huge tractor with sounds being given to him. To me it puts things into perspective of what things are a better hit with children, and it’s obviously high-tech everything!

I would like to be back in the generation when we wouldn’t care less what message we got from somebody from Facebook/twitter/snapchat. Who knows how the future will plan out to become, but I have a feeling we’d become way more-technology advanced with everything we own or do. Rather scary to be honest haha :)

What are any of your thoughts on this?

Thanks for reading, blog you soon x


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