Where I stand with Politics in England :)

Hey everyone

I thought I’d make a blog today about where I currently stand with politics, my views about it and what I think of our current government…

My Grandfather Jim Prendergast who is no longer alive, but not long since died was part of a political Party called ‘Labour party’ when he was in his younger years, my grandmother Joan Prendergast had just married him. He had a seat at the benches and I think he once ran to be an MP at some point in his time in the labour Party. And I am pretty proud of my Granddad because I believe he was one of the good people in politics who wanted to do the right thing.

Labour was actually doing alright till Tony Blair came to be Prime Minister, I really do believe that part of the huge mess that they are still in isn’t doing much at all. After all, he had to keep the soldiers in the Iraq war for too long. Destroying any bit of hope we had. I got up the nerve to write him a letter about my thoughts on his stupid decision. But since then I have gotten wiser about it all.
Labour had started helping those with mental health issues and started up the benefit system for those who are physically, visually, and mentally disabled. These benefits helps those who are less fortunate can get a start in life, and to live independently on their own, the benefits are set up for those who need financial stability who cannot work due to their mental illness as well. That system has benefited the lives of many who are in need of benefits. However, since then the system has been cheated by those who have proved they aren’t eligible by fabricating their mental states, claiming them when they have nothing wrong with them, this is a recurring problem.
Though our current government in any way possible is trying to lower the possibility for those with mental illness to claim benefits, because there seems to be some ignorance on David Cameron’s side. He doesn’t understand that there are a lot of people who have mental disabilities, and unlike physical disabilities you can’t show or prove your disability without being assessed, and their is certain criteria that you have to pass before you prove you’re eligible to be on benefits.

As a person who has Aspergers, (or more commonly known as Autism) A person with Autism either has high, low, or medium severity, the more severe your illness is the more benefits you get. For example;  I am in the middle rate care because I am high functioning, but I have shown to have many disabilities which hinder my ability in some ways, this means that I get a certain amount of benefits a month. Many people who meet me, and get to know me, at first you’ll realise that I’m articulate and well educated, but once you see how my everyday struggles are like you then realise what my disabilities are.

David Cameron doesn’t know how people like me, and those who have it worser off than me struggle with our daily lives, and his level of understanding is laughable. I have been to these assessments, and I can tell you right now, that it’s horrible. They judge your character, and they focus on the negative things, they ask you about tasks like switching off lightbulbs and turning taps on and off, and seriously it seems as though they favour the physical attributes, so because I don’t have anything physically wrong with me, I’m not handicapped, I can walk,  yet it’s harder show my mental disabilities like a person can with their physical one’s. and how they hinder my ability when they favour the physical over the mental. Every time I’d come out of those assessments I am always reduced to tears of how these assessments make one feel like their mental disabilities don’t matter because they’re harder to spot.

When Gordon came along to be Labour prime minister he was a colossal idiot, showing how bigoted he was and his views weren’t faced up to scrutiny.  Gordon Brown is by far probably one of the most hated of labour MPs along with David. You can find an example here a news article about a particular incident that happened between Gordon and a Labour supporter;

Few years ago now, I joined the Liberal Democrats when I was 19-20 years old. I believed that they truly wanted to make England a better place and I agreed with their morals and values also their view on tackling certain crises in the world. They were for a time making good progress, they were fair,  but firm in their claims. Lib Dems I thought were the right party that would do well to serve us as a government. Most of all they believed in those who work their butts off in their jobs, jobs like the firefighters, nurses/doctors. They had the perfect attitude to life and how to keep England going. That was before Conservatives swayed the votes and the ‘groundbreaking never before heard of collision’ had to occur. The lib dems abandoned their promeses,  I even went to the meetings and met up with John (who was and may still be a lib-dem MP) for some burgers and to talk about ways of helping our country out. Suffice to say I no longer support them (that’s not to say I don’t still enjoy having burgers :p).

I am going as far as to not believe in any Political Party, as a result.  None of them are proving that they can make our country a better place, none of them care about what is happening in our own country and many of them are ignorant to the issues people are facing in our society.

I should wrap this up, thank you for reading, I hope I have given people some insight. :)


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