What those of us seem to forget about low-self esteem, body confidence, and how we see ourselves….


Hello everybody,

Recently I have come across a few articles and blogs that have been about Body confidence and appearance and what some people’s take on it, but what I have noticed about these articles and blogs who write about these things is that their focus is heavily on blaming everything else, and not looking inward and realising that a huge part of these issues isn’t just the  media or how the beauty world and fashion world pressures women and men to look and feel a certain way. I feel like these people don’t see the entire picture and seem very quick to play the blame game.

What a lot of people seem to forget that most insecurities and low self-esteem come from our own view of ourselves, what we see in ourselves and what we don’t see in ourselves. We’re our own worst enemy, we’re the worst critics, and that is where most of these issues stem.  Obviously, there are many factors which comply with these issues, like being bullied, the lack of positive influence from parents, society and media, mental illness and depression, these can all be factors that contribute.

Yet those of us forget that the world isn’t a bad place to be, that there are a lot of wonderful and positive things about the world, that there are systems out there that strive to help others and help people overcome their issues. There are opportunities, it’s just that it’s up to us whether we can see them, whether we can take control of how we live our lives,  choosing who affects us, and what can affect us, allowing how others perceive us as something terrible when we forget the same people aren’t that different from us, that they’re in the same boat as we are, it’s just that how they choose to cope and deal is different.
Yes, it’s not easy to be in control of ourselves and our lives at times, but that doesn’t entirely mean that opportunities aren’t out there for us to take. We have to take time for us to understand ourselves to not let anyone else dictate how we feel, nor should we allow ourselves to be influenced by negativity. By allowing others to control how we should feel and perceive things is when we stop seeing the bigger picture. Don’t give into ideals, and what others see as the truth, focus on what YOU believe deep down. When we stop letting others and society influence who we are, that is when we can accept ourselves entirely.

I saw this article called ‘Simply Psychology’ while searching this topic of discussion. Basically, the article explains why some people have high levels of self-esteem and why people have low self-esteem from their research, it’s very interesting and riveting and I suggest that you give it a read. It’s refreshing to see an article such as this: https://www.simplypsychology.org/self-esteem.html

Thank you for reading, have a good day! Stay positive, You can achieve, you are good enough, you do matter, and you’re beautiful. We’re not all perfect. <3 



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