The shady side of Fandoms, indirect and hypocritical people.

Hello, lovelies

This is an unfortunate thing for me to post, I feel as though I should get this off my chest. You may see this like a rant or venting, but this is just something that I have noticed and observed for a while, since being part of the whole internet fandom.

It’s no shock that many fandoms out there can be extreme, to the point that they can be inappropriate and quite stupendous in behaviour, but there is a little percentage of fans who are very shady, two-faced, and hypercritical. I have seen this for myself with many people’s accounts who post Mariah Carey content. If you read my blogs then you’ll know that I am a big fan of Mariah, and I have been following fan accounts on Instagram and very quickly learnt that some Mariah fans (fellow lambs) regardless of the fact they love Mariah,  evidently are mean and disrespectful to other fandoms. Admittedly, because I can be protective when a friend of mine or a fellow lamb is being targeted by someone else, I get defensive and I go straight to defending them against said person. And I’m not going to apologise for that because I’m not going to let people get unfairly bullied and find they don’t have someone there to support and stand up for them. Because I for one know what it’s like to have nobody stand up for me when being treated poorly by others. Obviously, in doing so I also become a target too but I’d like to think that I can handle myself, I may have been a push over when I was younger but now, I’m not letting anybody try and bring me down or anybody else down.

I keep to myself, post to my own content on my account, and  I try to have discussions with other lambs,  getting along and getting to know them and I don’t see anything wrong in me doing that. Now and again I will see comments, and I go to comment.   I can admit when I’ve made a mistake or when I shouldn’t have involved myself in something. Lately, I’m met with hostility from other fans and being treated disrespectfully, that’s not how communities and fandoms should be, it should be all about respect each other (despite differences) and spread positivity.

I see some Mariah Carey Fan pages who indirectly post shady photo’s about other fandom’s and then wonder why those same fandom’s flock their page with even more drama.. ( except for when a certain page is calling out others for stalking or being hateful in comments) that is what is called ‘attracting negative attention’ while the next moment posting about how they’re not trying to attract negative attention, and I am there dumbfounded! Seriously? You’re going to sit there and complain about another fandom being shady, yet you stoop down to their level and do the same thing? .. what is wrong with people like this!?

Though in this current generation, you get ostracised for having strong opinions or any sort of disagreement, it seems as though you cannot have any discussion’s with people anymore, out of the fear that somebody will get offended or fear like you can’t say anything without somebody making you feel bad for thinking a certain way about something and I feel like having that kind of attitude/mentality isn’t healthy. People should be open to discussion’s, willing to handle opinion’s whether they’re not what you personally agree with, the purpose of the discussion is learning what other people’s perspectives are, it encourages understanding and sometimes an insight. It doesn’t have to ever be a negative thing, but many times, some people let it become something negative. I don’t know why many expect to say whatever they want, express themselves however they want yet dismiss anybody who thinks differently to them. It never makes any sense to me.

What are your views on this? have you noticed this with any fandom’s you’re involved in? let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading. :)


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