Dream come true disney collection… will it ever exist?


Hello, everyone

Like my title reads, it would be the most amazing thing… ever, if either disney finally decided to make their own makeup line/collection or there should be a website dedicated to all things Disney (the beauty addition).

As a fan of Disney, I have always wondered why Disney as a company has never thought of doing a makeup line. ( I hope I’m not alone) Because we’ve only seen other brands and online cosmetics use Disney in collaboration with makeup, as limited edition, yet we haven’t actually seen Disney do their own. You’d think they’d be all over the makeup world.

And yes, Disney has done everything from notebooks to toys, to clothes, to decor.. (I think briefly jewellery) but not beauty. I have a couple of ideas for beauty websites selling Disney makeup, not just for adults but for children as well.

If I were to create a beauty cosmetic’s brand inspired by Disney, I would have to think of a good website name, two I came up with were Fairytalebeauty.com or Fairytalecosmetics.com though it’s difficult to know whether they both have already been taken or they already exist and that I’ve been beaten to it. I tried searching for them yet nothing came up, so hopefully, if I actually want to open up a website inspired by Disney then I hope the names aren’t taken.

What I would have for my website would be sections for all the characters. Disney princesses, each princess with their own collection. A section for Pixar, like brave and toy story. A section for obscure Disney films like 101 dalmatians, jungle book, and black cauldron. A section just for all the villains. Finally, a section for adorable Disney animals like Aristocats, Thumper, Bambi, and Dumbo etc.

The collections would include;

Eyeshadow ( palettes/quads)

Lipstick, Foundation, (cushion foundation/powder)

Eyeliner (black, brown, purple, and navy)



Make brushes

Though if it won’t be me creating such a thing, I’d be more than glad to find a site which wouldn’t be an extension of a popular brand. I would die happy! Everyone would love a collection which would be permanent and not at all limited edition, especially a collection which would be limited because not everybody will be able to catch on to it easily and it’s better that everything will be available to buy unless sold out or out of stock.

Though I understand there’s more to creating your own beauty brand and makeup line. That a lot of effort and research goes into it and knowing a great deal about cosmetics and what ingredients to use and which things not to use. To come up with a formula suitable for everybody with all skin types and keeping makeup hygienic,   and allergic tested, and natural.

Anyways, that was just my thoughts on the subject. Hope you enjoy my blog.

blog you soon :)



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