Series four; The Originals!


Hello, lovelies!

I’ve just finished watching series four of the originals, and it was brilliant!Although I have to say that Klaus really has grown as a character. He’s become more loveable as the series progresses, and you find yourself rooting for him instead of feeling like you’re against him. I also find myself admiring their optimism and their strong will of not giving up on each other even when some have been betrayed beyond more than once.

Klaus has shown devotion, sacrifice, and became quite selflessness. Though it took the birth of his daughter to realise the consequences of love. That it takes more than protection to keep her and his family safe. From this new growth, I see redemption. But we must not forget that he’s imortally bound to being a vampire, who thirst’s for blood can’t subside, it’s how they have to survive. So I kind of feel like those like Vincent who don’t understand that they were confined to be vampires, it wasn’t a choice they made, it was a choice that was made for them so to survive they had to make the most of it or die. Plus, Elijah said it best when he said that, he and his family killed many people out of a means of survival and to protect those they love and care for. Specially when you have enemies and people who target them just because of what they are they’re going to protect themselves as a family. The difference is they have more of an advantage over average families.

Obviously the downsides to being a vampire is living with the guilt of killing people and not being able to live a normal life, sure they can blend in, eat, drink, and sleep, but they’re more than an average human with supernatural abilities. Simple joys of life are hard to hold onto without the stress of being exposed and hated.

Though, the drama and bad boy mischief is what makes it all really appealing and compelling with these vampires! (See what I did there?) They have complex personalities and so much going on it’s hard not to watch and swoon. (from a lady point of view).

I mean come on’ Klaus’s smirk and Elijah’s gentleman-like-attitude with a hint of unpradictable? *swoons*

Though, one thing that I have noticed throughout vampire Diaries and the Originals.. once you become a vampire/werewolf/werewolf hybrid the leather jackets come out! The kickass boots and your hair gets better. It’s just funny to me, I guess it’s to signify a more strong and confident persona than the weak and meek human with basic hair and average style. :P

“I’m a vampire now? Oooh looks like my wardrobe needs an upgrade!” *poof* “I’m sexy and confident, back off or feel the wrath of my fangs,” *does scary vampire face* “grrr… take me seriously when I firmly tell you to not underestimate me!” ;)

Also I loved the bond they all had with Hope, so cute and innocent but every inch brave and understanding. The father and daughter moment between Klaus and Hope… *cries from the cuteness* every scene they’re together pulls at your heart strings.. awww.

Anyways, now there’s season 5 to wait upon…

Write soon x


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